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With compassion, commitment, and the expertise of an educator, I empower parents with powerful and practical tools so you can be the parents you want to be.


Support, Structure, Solutions

Families come in many forms and structures. Parents have diverse priorities and hold distinct values. That is why a comprehensive understanding of each family is required to determine the strategies that best meet your needs and desires. I do this by developing a customized action plan through in-person visits, video conferencing, and phone consultations.

Raising children is emotional. My focus is with you, the parents, guardians, grandparents, and caregivers of the complex children in your charge.  By observing and asking questions, I can see situations right as they are happening, that may be blocked to you by the emotion and tension of a particular circumstance. My job is to interpret what is happening and then set up a toolbox for you to use to create the family life you want.

Sari Goodman is counseling parents.

Sari Goodman, M.A.


I am a Certified Parent Educator and Trainer who is an avid cheerleader for the most significant people in a child’s life - the parents.


I support parents and guardians by developing a comprehensive understanding of family dynamics to create a customized action plan that reduces chaos and brings calm. 

I have been an educator of students, teachers, and parents for over 30 years:

  • Administrator & Teacher (preschool-grade 8)

  • Adjunct faculty (Department of Education, Mt. St. Mary’s College)

  • Special Education (Masters Degree and teaching experience)

  • Parent Education and Training (individual family coaching, parenting workshops, professional development on parenting for teachers and administrators)

Sari Goodman, headshot
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