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The Parental Edge Blog:
Parenting Strategies that Improve Child Behavior


I am honored to have been asked to provide valuable information and insights to the listeners of podcasts and viewers of videos from leaders in the field who generously support people in a quest to be the best humans we can be.

Sari is a guest speaker on a podcast, Diverse Thinking, Different Learning

Diverse Thinking, Different Learning Podcast

Parents need support and strategies to deal with the pressure to perform and conform to expectations of what others deem to be the "perfect parent".


Listen to this podcast, where I was a guest, to build the confidence to parent your way. 

Diverse Thinking, Different Learning Podcast

So, your child was evaluated and has a diagnosis.  Now what? In this podcast, Shelley Lawrence and I share steps to take and things to consider as you travel on this complex journey.

Swimming Upstream Radio Show with Dorothy Wilhelm

As a guest on the podcast, Swimming Upstream Radio Show, I had a blast talking with host Dorothy Wilhelm about the challenges parents have with raising kids today. Dorothy, a mom of 6 kids, shared her wisdom and asked questions that really made me think. Dorothy advises us that, "If it's not fun, it's not worth doing." And, wow, we really had fun. Take a listen here

Enough Already Podcast.png
The Enough Already Podcast with Betsy Jordyn

Ever feel like you're juggling too many balls as a parent and entrepreneur? Seeking that elusive balance between parenthood and business? You're not alone. I had the pleasure of sitting down with consulting and coaching business mentor, Betsy Jordyn, to talk about strategies parents can use when they feel overwhelmed by the challenges of balancing family and careers.
Take a listen here  

or watch it on YouTube.

Single Parent Success Stories with Irina Shehovsov

I share three powerful tactics that parents can use to overcome the often overwhelming feeling of judgment. If you're a single parent seeking guidance and support, you won't want to miss this insightful conversation. Take a listen here or watch it on YouTube.

Parent in Purpose Summit with Carol Muleta
Navigating the Parenting Journey : A Values-Based Approach

I explain how parents can harness the power of their own family values to navigate the often challenging terrain of parenting decision-making.
Watch the video here.

You can also find my advice and perspectives in these publications:

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