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Parenting Strategies that Improve Child Behavior


Sari is a guest speaker on a podcast, Diverse Thinking, Different Learning

Diverse Thinking, Different Learning Podcast

Parents need support and strategies to deal with the pressure to perform and conform to expectations of what others deem to be the "perfect parent".


Listen to this podcast, where I was a guest, to build the confidence to parent your way. 

Contacts and Referrals

Media Resources

Common Sense Media is a leading independent source for media recommendations and advice for families. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people about safety, privacy, security and digital wellness.

Los Angeles Public Library (lapl) has a free support site for students, teachers, and parents, including offerings like tutoring, called Student Success


Lori Getz, Cyber Education Consultants

Screen Time Guide for Parents: Important information on child safety Important information on baby proofing

Food Allergy Institute for children who suffer from food allergies


Tips on Overnight Camps: A free advisory service

Educational Therapists & Assessment

Caren Gitlin, M.Ed., BCET

(818) 993-4177


Wendy Kulkin and Associates


Avlyn Kotton, MA, BCET

(310) 472-1435

Jennifer Castrup, BCET

(818) 785-4192

Association of Educational Therapists

Rhonda Glowalla, M.S., Educational Psychologist

(818) 759-6244

Take N.O.T.E. by

If you are wondering if your child may need an assessment, has an online tool to help you spot signs of learning and thinking differences.  This is not a diagnostic evaluation.  For that you need a professional.

Parents and professionals connecting to facilitate care and enhance educational support

Speech Therapists

Tamar Barazani, Licensed Speech Pathologist

(818) 268-7548

Amy Wilhelm, MS, CCC-SLP

(310) 876-1110

Occupational Therapists

Courtney Duckworth-Harris, MA, OTR/L                                                               Kinder Clinic: (310) 826-9800;; 


Leah Hiller, MA, OTR/L

Hiller Therapy: Outdoor OT; (323) 641-3662;;

Mental Health Support; Medical Health Support

Michael Greenwald, PhD

Psychotherapy for adults
(424) 294-8958

Stella Zweben Samuel, LCSW

Psychotherapy for teens, college students and their parents

(747) 989-2148

Birth Injury Justice Center: erbs palsy

Preparing for College

Magellan College Counseling


The College Funding Coach, Katy Chai

Phone: (949) 471-5860  |  Mobile: (310) 650-5873

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