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As your trusted parent advisor, I believe

You Deserve to Be A Fearless Parent

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Ready to turn your

worries into confidence, 

your questions into clarity,

and your turmoil into calm?


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Meet Sari

Certified Parent Educator and Coach

So much of parenting includes school:

  • communicating with teachers and administrators

  • relationships with classmates and their parents

  • studying and homework

  • skills and achievement

Through my experience as a teacher and school administrator, in addition to coaching, you also get support in navigating the preschool and elementary school years with confidence.

You'll have someone to call.

Sari Goodman Certified Parent Educator and Trainer

Expertise   Compassion   Solutions


" Working with Sari gave us great insight into our daughter’s thought processes and behaviors. She gave us practical and effective advice based on her extensive experience, tailored to our family. Even seemingly little tweaks to our approach to parenting produced astounding improvements. All of Sari’s advice was communicated in a compassionate and nonjudgmental way. It is hard to open your home and family to the possibility of criticism but that wasn’t our experience at all. If anything she made us feel more confident about how we’ve been parenting and our child’s behavior. We have been raving about Sari to our friends and it is truly the best investment we have made for our family. "

Renee M., Parent

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Do you feel tied up in knots?

Skip the Trial & Error Method of
Solving Parenting Struggle

“THE EDGE”  Gives You:

  • Expert Advice for tackling parenting challenges.

  • Practical parenting tips that are easy to use.

  • Reflections on current events & trends from a parent's point of view.

  • Strategies to give you “The Edge”  in developing your parenting skills, and gives your children “The Edge”  in life.

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The journey

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