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Mother and Child giving each other a high-5


With compassion, commitment, and understanding, I help parents feel more empowered and less alone, because kids don't come with instructions.

Parent coaching

I give parents practical tools  to increase their confidence, sense of control over their  household, and understanding of their children’s behavior.

I also support nannies and grandparents who are a part of the family domain.

Group workshops

With customized workshops, I give you the edge on innovative and individualized tools and  strategies

for parents to strengthen the child/parent relationship and

for teachers to strengthen the  parent/teacher partnership.    


I am here to help you nurture and engage with children so they reach their full potential.

Click here to read The Parental Edge blog, and find links to other helpful articles, podcasts, videos, and professional referrals. 


Sari Goodman gave us our parental power back and made us feel confident with our words with our kids. She has been a resource for many of our friends and family members and we continue to speak with her every week and do check-ins.

—  Meredith, Parent

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