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3 ?s Parents Must Ask if Their Teacher Conference is on Zoom

There is a good chance that Parent/Teacher Conferences are virtual this semester since pandemic protocols are in place in many schools. Here are 3 important questions that parents should ask at the beginning of the conference or ahead of time via email.

  1. Ask if the meeting is being recorded. You can also look up to the top left of your screen to look for a red “recording” light. Parents (actually everyone) has the right to give or withhold permission to be recorded. If you are uncomfortable being recorded, say so.

  2. Ask if there is anyone else in the room out of the line of sight. There could be others in the room that you cannot see. You should know if anyone else is there.

  3. Ask for copies or the time to take screenshots of any papers, projects, or artifacts shown by the teacher. These are important for measuring a child's progress.

Contact me if you want help preparing for your child's Parent/Teacher Conference.

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