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5 P's of Getting Kids Back into a School Frame of Mind

Sending your kids back to school tomorrow? Returning to school for the last sprint to summer is the hardest return of the school year. Preparing today will make tomorrow much easier. Here are the preps.

  • Pack up and arrange anything that can be done today: backpacks, lunches, clothes choices. The more you do now the smoother tomorrow morning will be.

  • Plan a special breakfast (pancakes, smoothies, etc) and let your kids know it’s coming. This will help get your kid out of bed in the morning. Saying, “Get up or you’ll be late for school,” is not much of a motivator. Saying, “Get up now. We are having pancakes for breakfast,” has a much higher success rate.

  • Project a positive image of something good that might happen at school. Instead of ruminating about homework or tough recess interactions, encourage your child to imagine the positives. Say, “Tell me who you look forward to seeing tomorrow,” and, “What is a fun thing that could happen tomorrow?”

  • Present a new school supply like a pencil, pen, notepad at the breakfast table. A small token goes a long way in creating a positive school vibe.

  • Place a note in your child's lunchbox to read later at school. Writing a short note and adding a goofy drawing or sticker gives that extra energy needed to finish that first day back.

Do you have other strategies for getting back into the swing of school? Let me know and I will share them with others.

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