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5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe at School

  1. Remind your child that sharing food is not allowed. If a classmate has something yummy your child wants, encourage him/her to tell you what it is and you may consider it for future lunches. Emphasize the “may consider” in case it is a food you do not allow.

  2. Masks worn at school should be clean with a tight fit all around. Parents must also wear masks when out and about to model the behavior you want your child to do.

  3. Everyone washes hands for 20 seconds everywhere you go. Repeated modeling will make the length of time feel normal.

  4. Encourage elbow bumps and air hugs with everyone outside the immediate family. This can be a challenge, because people want to hug your kids. They may feel uncomfortable saying no, so help them out.

  5. Do not criticize the school’s precautionary methods in front of your child. Your child has to follow the rules whether you agree or not. Take your concerns straight to the administrators.

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