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My Child Won't Do Homework

Brace yourself. It’s that dreaded time of day when you tell your child it’s time to do homework and you know there’ll be some kind of meltdown.

You’ve tried everything the experts tell you to do and more, but homework is still a struggle. You’ve surveyed the environment and checked off the list of strategies you have already put in place. You:

✏️Arranged a place to do homework with a desk, a chair, and good lighting.

that is away from noise and distractions.

✏️Provided tools like pencils, pens, paper, and markers.

✏️Have a good internet connection for online assignments.

✏️Arranged to do homework at the same time as part of the daily routine.

✏️Planned out the order of the assignments to be done.

✏️Used a calendar to keep track of long-term assignments.

All the recommended strategies are valuable. They work, except when they don’t.

None of those strategies work if:

⛔Your child didn’t bring the needed materials home

⛔Your child doesn’t know how to check the website for assignments or have the organizational skills to keep a planner

⛔Your child is worried about making a mistake.

⛔Your child is tired or emotionally depleted.

⛔Something negative or exciting happened at school that is getting in the way of logical thinking

⛔It looks like so much work.

⛔Your child doesn’t understand what to do

⛔The lesson about how to do the task happened hours ago in school, and so much has happened since then.

So, what’s a parent to do?

You put on your detective hat and look for clues

Approach the situation as if it is a true mystery to solve, because it is .🔎 Observe and 🙋ask questions to gather information and piece them together for ✅possible solutions.

🔎Observe: Your child didn’t bring home the necessary materials.