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The Summer Reading Dance

Is the school’s summer reading requirement making you shiver with the knowledge that you have a revolt ahead of you?

🍃If your child is a reader, it’ll be a breeze.

🌪️If your child is resistant to reading, you will be fighting headwinds.

Here are 5 strategies to head off the revolt.

📚If your child has a choice in books:

  1. Choose a book that matches an interest (sports, art, comedy, etc)

  2. Choose a book in a series (This sets up the motivation to continue reading another in the series.)

  3. Choose a book with more dialogue and less description (Long descriptive paragraphs are the hardest to read.

📚If your child has been assigned a specific book to read:

  1. Provide an introduction by doing some background research together.

  2. Go on Amazon and read a summary and a couple of reviews.

  3. Search images for maps and photos of where the story takes place.

  4. Try YouTube for videos kids and teachers have created about the book that give good visuals.

  5. Research the main topic. If your child has no experience with topics like sailing, archeology, or 19th Century London, for example, reading any book with this unknown subject will be brutal.

5) Read the first chapter aloud to your child. This is not cheating, I promise.

The first chapter is the hardest part of reading. Struggling readers need help to learn about the characters, the setting, and the topic to be able to go on.

You can read about more strategies in my newsletter.

Contact me if you want more helpful strategies that are specific to your child.

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