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Was Your Child Diagnosed?

Teachers are there for children. Administrators are there for Teachers. Supervisors are there for Administrators. Who is there for Parents? I am!

Going through an evaluation with your child can be an overwhelming experience. The experienced and well-meaning professionals are putting names to your child's challenges that sometimes sound like a foreign language. Your emotions are stretched and it is hard to focus. You have so many questions and some you don't know yet to ask. Where do you go for support? Right here.

Listen to this podcast where Dr. Karen Wilson of Child Nexus, Shelley Lawrence of Schoolhouse Collaborative, and I give you a starting point with strategies and considerations.

And if you are looking for more answers and support, go to the Child Nexus website to sign up for an 8-week program that gives you access to many experts on ADHD, Dyslexia, and Anxiety diagnoses.

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